Items We Don't Want

Most of these items either have very little demand or there is too much supply out there (due to manufacturers flooding the market). As a result, we will buy the following items at pennies on the dollar.

If you have any questions about whether you think your collectible is valuable or not, please email us.

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Buying Policy

We buy everything!

That's right! We are interested in buying anything pop culture related. We are different than other comic book specialty stores that rarely buy used items; we continually buy items from the public.

Some things we pay pennies on the dollar and some things we pay up to 70% of value!

When selling us items, please realize that condition is critical. A comic book, for instance, is graded on a 10 point scale. 10.0 being MINT - NO FLAWS, a 2.0 being GOOD - AN AVERAGE WELL READ COMIC BOOK.

For Hulk #181, one of the most expensive comics from the 1970s, a GOOD rated copy mayl sell for $70, a 10.0 rated comic may sell for $2500 or higher. As you can see, that is a wide spread!

Most people don't take CONDITION into consideration and tend to overvalue their comic books and other collectibles. So, if the comic book or other collectible you want to sell us does not look brand new, realize that it is probably worth less than you think it is!

Also, please keep in mind that due to the economic slowdown that started in 2008, there has been a decreasing demand in many pop culture collectibles, which translates into lower prices.


Do you have something you want to sell us? Please E-mail uswith a description of what you have.

What we're looking for: